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White carbon black is a form of silica that is used to replace carbon black in rubber compounding. White carbon black is basically composed of fumed silica. Fumed silica is made by allowing a compound like SiCl4 to hydrolyze in moist air. The product produced is very finely divided and somewhat reactive. The name 'white carbon black' is just a funny name given to the product.

  • For rubber, plastic, paint, paint (putty) fillers and synthetic resin, ink is also used as a thickening agent, light metal polishing agent, release agent and casting insulation materials, are used in the manufacture of white pigment, models and pesticide carriers and adhesives. 

  • Based on our ACM/A Series grinding machine, Fengli ACM/B series grinders are part of our patented new generation innovative products (China Patent Registration No.ZL02268432.9). The machine is suitable for super-fine grinding of brittle materials. Materials are sucked into the grinder by a pressure differential created by the blower(s) within the system, thus successfully resolving the problems faced by punchaction grinders such as difficulties in grinding large but low-density materials.

  • Shenzhen Customer

  • Grinding machine: ACM-420B

  • Material size: 32micron

  • Product fineness: D97=5.95micron

  • Output:100kg/h

ACM Impact Crusher


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