Principle and Application of Lithium Ferric Phosphate Grinding Machine


Name of raw material: spherical graphite, needle coke, lithium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate and other cathode materials

Equipment advantages: ultrafine grinding, accurate classification, particle shape shaping

Equipment Type: ACM Series Grinding Machine

Feed size: ≤ 5-10mm

Particle size: D97: 3-30 μm arbitrarily adjustable

Installed power: ≈38-160kw

The principle of ACM Lithium Ferric Phosphate Mill

Using the high strength hammer head on the high speed rotating material dump plate and the gear ring around the cavity to impact, cut and grind the raw material at high speed to achieve the purpose of comminution, the equipment has the functions of crushing, grading and shaping. Positive and negative electrode materials can be adjusted arbitrarily between 1-200 microns and between spherical (potato) and polygon shapes.

Lithium Ferric Phosphate pulverizer comminutes typical Raw material

Lithium manganate, lithium cobalt, lithium ferric phosphate, lithium carbonate, spherical graphite, petroleum coke, acicular pitch coke, carbon, ternary materials, Ni-MH alloy, ferrous oxalate, lithium titanate, lithium manganese oxide, nickel manganese oxide, etc.

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