The application of ring roller mill in the processing of non-metallic mineral powder


1. Structure of ring roller mill

2. Principle of operation

The ring roller mill adopts the principle of impact, extrusion and grinding to crush the material, and a large clearance between the grinding ring and the pin shaft is arranged on the grinding ring bracket.when the material passes through the clearance between the grinding ring and the grinding ring, the material is impacted, extruded, grinded and crushed by the grinding ring. The crushed materials under the action of gravity to the feed tray and thrown into the room grading classification by air, qualified fine powder by grading round into the collection system, coarse material is thrown to the split ring wall, back into the crushing chamber for re-grinding.When the double layer grinding machine works, the material is broken again by the gap between the second layers of grinding ring.

3. Application in non-metallic mineral industry

Ring roller mill is mainly used for the ultrafine grinding of calcite, dolomite, limestone, marble, wollastonite and other minerals.

Taking calcite as an example, the grinding process is divided into four stages:

a. Crushing of raw materials

The bulk material of calcite is broken through the crusher to be able to enter the milling machine(15mm-50mm).

b. Grinding powder

After the crushing of the small pieces of calcite material sent to the hopper through the elevator, and then through the feeder will be evenly distributed into the grinding chamber for grinding.

c. Classification

After grinding, the material is classified by the grading system, and the unqualified powder is returned to the host to be grinded again after classification.

d. Product collection

The powder meets the requirement of fineness and enters into the dust collector with the gas flowing through the pipeline, the finished powder is transported to the finished product bin through the discharge port, and then packaged with a powder tank truck or an automatic packer.

4. Advantages of ring roll mill 

a. Saving investment, high efficiency

Compared with the large equipment investment saving nearly half. The construction of an annual output of 10000 tons of powder production line need to invest 1 million 390 thousand yuan. produce same fineness products by ring roll mill, with an annual output of 10000 tons, the investment as long as 500 thousand yuan, saving investment 60% .

b. High classification accuracy

The internal grading device has the advantages of unique structure, good classification effect and no large particle pollution.

c. Low energy consumption

Tsp fine powder processing product fineness of d97<10 m, the power consumption is about 95kw h/t. Compared with other equipment, electricity consumption, is a new type of energy-saving products.

d. Stable and reliable work

The drive spindle of ring roller mill is driven by reducer, which has low energy consumption, high efficiency and high efficiency >96%.

e. High specific surface area

The particle surface area is occupied by a unit mass of the surface area, is an important indicator of ultrafine calcium carbonate powder can be produced. The activity of the specific surface area of 2.24m3/g ring roller mill (d97=10 micron) to 3.04m3/g (d97=4micron) superfine powder, far higher than other domestic equipment.

5. Some problems should be paid attention to in the process of ring rolling mill:

a. To maintain the balance of materials in and out

Grinding ring and grinding ring contact non rigid contact pad, wherein the gap with a layer of crushed material, grinding clearance ring and pin, to reflect the spindle motor current not due to overcharge and tripping, when debugging, in the premise of ensuring the product fineness, should gradually rise; such as fast, material import is not balanced, the discharging speed decreased, there will be a coarse powder with a particle size of the product is not uniform.

b. Properly extend the downtime to ensure that the cavity is completely discharged

After stop feeding, there are material in the crushing cavity, all of these materials must be discharged after crushing and then stop, so that the next boot smoothly. general after stop feeding, should continue to boot 5min. When a sudden power failure, before the start of the first hand with the motor coupling, flexible rotation of the evacuation of electricity, such as the serious card should be clear boot.

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