How to Reduce Resonance Damage of Grinding Mill?


There maybe resonance during Vertical Mill operating. When the machine is operated under certain driving force, resonance will largely increase the vibration and may cause damage. The rotation speed causing resonance is called "danger rotation speed". This is danger in grinding mill operating.

To reduce parts resonance, manufacturers must try to increase the value of "danger rotation speed". For this, Fujian Fengli applied various of technologies on Vertical mills.

1.Long parts are designed into two parts. For example, the driving axis is divided into two parts and connected by bearing. The structure reduced the length of driving axis, reducing the damage of resonance.

2. The high pressure oil pipe of the motor is very long. When the motor is operating, the large vibration may cause damage to the joint of oil pipe. For this, we apply high performance and high quality material to cast the pipe, and our pipe designing can obviously reduce vibration.

3. When the equipment operating under bad situation, the rotation speed of the equipment should be adjusted to reduce. If the equipment has too serious vibration, a reasonable rotation speed can protect the mill and other parts.

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