Basic Knowledge of Grinding Mill Need to Know before Purchasing


No matter enterprise or individual client, some knowledge need to know before purchasing a superfine grinding mill. Now, Fujian Fengli will share you some basic knowledge of superfine grinding mill. 

When negotiating with grinding mill manufacturer, the technical staff or marketing staff will check with you for the material hardness. The hardness has two types: absolute hardness and Mohs hardness. Absolute hardness is only for raw gemstone. Mohs hardness is widely applied in mineral industry. The hardness value is not absolutely value, but is the order of hardness. Mohs hardness uses ten kinds of minerals to measure material hardness.

Another important unit is product fineness-mesh. Mesh is the screen holes quantity in 1 square inch. If the powder is 800 mesh, that means it can pass the screen with 800 holes.

Moreover, you should also pay attention to the whole structure of grinding mill. Generally speaking, a grinding mill system includes the main mill host, classifier, dust-removal system and electronic control system.

After you know well about the knowledge above, you can start to purchase a ultrafine grinding mill.

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