Fault clearance manual of the ring roller mill


Fault clearance manual of the equipment


Familiar fault

         Usual causation

         Eliminating method

Smashing rotor and axletree  support of main engine

The temperature is too high.


The load is too heavy.


The lubricating is bad.

Deflection and vibration caused by unbalanced running of the rotor.  



The error of axletree installation is larger.

Reduce the feeding quantity, keep the feed and discharge in balance.

Oil injection  

l Open the machine to examine whether the running is unbalanced because of the dilapidation or agglomerate descent of the smashing pair.

Install once again, adjust the axletree clearance to reach precision demand.

The rotating speed of principal axis reduces.

Over loading or the feeding granularity is too large.

The material is locked.


Control the feeding quantity and avoid massive material entering.

Stop feeding and stop the machine to examine. Eliminate the fault.








Machine body








Abnormal sound in the machine body

The fasteners are loose.


A few parts of the grinding wheel or grinding loop descend.


The material is mixed with ironware.





The material is super-hard substances so that the crusher can’t crush at that moment.

A few parts are destroyed and left in the machine body after been using for a long time.

Open the machine to examine and lock tightly the fasteners.

Open the machine to examine and change the worn parts. Remove the sundries.

The material must be examined and filtrated and install iron-absorbing device if necessary to make sure that the material isn’t mixed with ironware.

Control the material purity. Avoid the material to be mixed with super-hard substances to destroy the equipment.

Open the machine to examine and change the parts opportunely.

Appearance of machine body

Temperature goes up.

Material stagnation





The material layer is too thin when the hoop-roller mill is doing ultrafine crushing, so that the smashing pair approximates to the state of self-grinding.

l Reduce the feeding quantity, increase the wind-volume. If the problem still exists, examine the water content of material. If the grinding wheel and grinding loop are abraded badly, it may also make the machine can’t crush.

Use is permitted when the temperature of the machine body is lower than 90℃.

Siltation of the material is severe in smashing cell.

The water content of the material is too high, so that the crusher can’t work.

The plasticity or the heat sensitivity of the material is too high. The material glutinosity is large.

The water entering the hoop-roller mil must be as little as possible.


Adjust the working parameters of the system over again, such as feeding speed, rotating speed of the grading machine and so on. If the siltation is still severe, it means that the material is inapplicable to crush with the hoop-roller mill.

The crusher vibrates fiercely.

The rotor is imbalanced.

The axletrees are destroyed and the connecting parts are loose.

The groundsill is un-smooth and is not filled up well.

Balance the rotor over again.

Change the axletree and lock tightly the loose parts.

The pedestal must be filled up tightly and smoothly.








The output can’t reach the demand after the new equipment being installed.

The system is gas-leaking.



The preparation of the material isn’t up to the mustard.


Examine each interface to make sure that they are airproofed well and will never leak air.

Prepare eligible material according to the instruction.


The output declines sharply after the equipment being used for a long time.

The system is gas-leaking.

The smashing pair is abraded severely.

The humidity and granularity of the material surpass the stipulation.

The gas permeability of the cloth bag declines.

l Put an end to gas-leaking.

Change the fittings.


Prepare the material according to the stipulation.

Adjust the pulse interval and the pulse width. If the problem still exists, open the working gate of the deduster and examine the cloth bag. Then clean it or change it.





Familiar fault

    Usual causation

       Eliminating method

Product fineness

The fineness of the product doesn’t reach the demand or becomes rougher.

The feeding is too fast. The system balance is destroyed.

        The rotating speed of the grading wheel and the fineness of the product don’t match each other.

The wind volume is too large. So that the rough material is absorbed too.

The smashing pair is abraded severely, so that the system can’t work normally.

The fabric and the manufacturing precision of the grading wheel don’t reach the demand.

Reduce the feeding quantity. Keep the feeding and the discharge in balance.

Increase the rotating speed of the grading machine properly to make it match the required fineness.

Turn down the fan valve.

         Change the fittings when the smashing pair is abraded severely

The clearance between the upper side of the grading wheel and the lid must be less than 0.5-0.7mm. If the clearance mentioned above can reach the demand after being adjusted, it may be the problem produced in the manufacture.

Conduit and segregator


The conduit and the lower section of the segregator are often conglutinated with the powdery material to make the discharge unsmoothed.  

The material contains too much water.

Static effect





The characteristic of the material itself.such as magnetism

Reduce the water content of the material.

Knock on the tubal ektexine or the ektexine of the lower section of segregator to shake down the powdery grains absorbed on the wall. Installing the vibrator may achieve this purpose too.

You can try other crushing mode.

Electric control cabinet

The current of the main engine is unstable. The current value is on the high side.

The load of the main axletree increases because of the accumulation of the material in the machine body.

Reduce the feeding quantity and increase the wind volume. Keep the material in balance gradually. If the smashing efficiency declines because of the conglutination of material or the abrasion of smashing pair, open the machine to clean or change the parts.

The current of the fan is unstable.

Open the fan valve wide and pursue high output blindly.



The severe conglutination of the conduit causes the change of the fan load.

l The function of pulse dust-cleaning is noneffective. The cloth bag is filled up with dust.

The fan can’t start with load. Otherwise the switch will trip. Ensure the fineness and keep the feeding and discharge in balance. In this precondition, open the fan valve wide gradually to increase the output.

Clean the pipeline in time.



Check the pulse dust-cleaning system and the air compressor to see whether they are working reliably. Adjust the pulse interval and the pulse width.

The electric machine can’t start.


The organs of the electric appliance are destroyed.

Change the fuse.

Examine the circuitry and change the organs.





Cloth bag deduster


Exhaust gas


The wind volume is too large.

The cloth bag is broken. The effect of dust-cleaning decline.

         There is gas leaking between the cloth bag and the deduster.

Turn down the fan valve.


Examine the cloth bag regularly to see whether it is all right. Change it if the cloth bag is broken.

Tighten the connection between the cloth and the net rack. Put the rubber mat between the net-rack flange and the deduster. Pin the bolts tightly.

The wind-discharge and the dust-cleaning are unsmoothed.

The cloth bag is blocked severely.

The pressure for blow back the air is not enough.

         The interval of pulse blow-back is too long or inadequate.

Flap the dust-cleaning cloth-bag.

Adjust the pressure for air compressing. Check the pipeline to see whether it is smooth.

Adjust the pulse interval and the pulse width.


Feeding system



The feeding screw stops running.

The material added is too large or the screw is blocked by rough and hard grains.

Control the feed granularity. Stop the machine and eliminate the fault.

The feeding machine stops running.

Blocked by rough and hard grains.

Cut off the electric current. Clean out the massive material and the sundries manually.

Feeding system


Electromagnetic vibrating feeding is too slow or too quick.

The current parameters of auto-control of the electric vibrating controller set newly are irrational.

Set the current parameters over again according the instruction to make the feeding speed accord with the demand.


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