Matters needing attention


1. When buying or trying the machine, customers supply the chemical and physical parameter of the material as much as possible, so that our company can adjust the equipment to fine the model parameters you need. 

2The operating workers must operate strictly according to the operating instruction.

3Strictly examine the material to avoid the ironware or rough sundries destroying the equipment. If condition permitting, collocate iron-removing device in front of feeding system. (The baest is that use above 4000 high magnetic)

4The surface of the material needs crushing can’t be adhered with water. The mohs hardness of the material must be less than 5 and the granularity of it isn’t larger than 8-15mm(upper-limit for small-type machine and upper limit for big-types).

5The hardness, water content and components of the material may be different because of the change of producing area. The output and the product fineness are also different. So we must adjust the parameters over again to optimize their combination. Don’t let the main engine work to capacity to reach high yield.

6Keep the feeding and discharge in equilibrium in the running course of the equipment. Control the feeding quantity and keep the rated current of main engine in balance to avoid the current changing frequently.

7Sampling and analyze in the situation of normal running of the equipment to examine the fineness of finished product.

8This machine is not inapplicable to the material which is flammable or poisonous and the material which may affect environment and personal safety badly.

9. The crusher working condition: The temperature of working-environment is about -10℃~40℃. The altitude is lower than 1000m (The electromotor must be designed especially, if the altitude is higher than 1000m). Operational source-voltage is 380V and frequency is 50Hz.

10This equipment is produced for domestic market, if you want to export it, please consult with our company.

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