Ring Roller Mill Equipment Upkeep and Maintenance


1If you fine anything abnormal, such as abnormal sound, acute vibration, the temperature of the electric machine, machine body or the axletree is too high and so on, stop the machine and examine it.

NoticeCut off the electrical source. Make the mark of prohibiting closing the switch. Don’t start-up again until the trouble is eliminated.

2. Lubricating

2.1 This machine uses the lubricating grease to lubricate. The service life of lubricating grease is limited because of the effect of cutting and aging. The axletrees must be dismantled to clean and change the grease after running continuously for 4000h.

2.2 Add grease to the axletrees in the running places termly.

Table 4 The places need adding grease and the interval time

Serial number         

Grease-adding place

Adding method

The name of

the grease used




Smashing axletree        

Oil gun injection

Synthetic lithium lubricating grease

2 days

Mark ①  ②


Grading axletree

Oil gun injection

Synthetic lithium lubricating grease

2 days


Fan axletree of

grease- lubricating

Change when examining

Albany grease

3-6 months


Fan axletree

of lubrication

Change when examining

10-20# motor oil

3-6 months

10# for the north in winter


Axletree of feeding system

Change when examining

3# lithium lubricating grease

3 months


Axletree of closing fan motor

Change when examining

3# lithium lubricating grease

6 months


Speed reducer

Change when examining

GL-5  85W/90

6-9 months


Air compressor

Change when examining

20# motor oil

6-9 months


① The index of synthetic lithium lubricating greasepropping point 170-230℃temperature scale -50—130℃speed scalehigh speedmachine stabilityfine.

② If the equipment runs continuously for 24h every, the oil-adding time can be shortened properly. According to the size of axletrees and the amount of the axletrees in the same position (single or two axletrees bunched together), add the grease for 3-15 g every time. If there is grease leaking from the clearance between moving-hoop below and the lid of the under-axletree, the grease quantity must be reduced to avoid excessive.

③Please consult the instruction about the lubricating of these parts: fan, speed variator, feeding system, closing fan motor, discharge stirrer which uses the framework of cycloid pin-gear. Then operate following instruction.

3. The equipment must be examined completely after running for a month. Find out the hidden trouble and solve it.

3.1 Main engine:Check the bolts of the motorial parts inside the main engine to see whether they are locked tightly or not. Check the smashing rotors to see whether they are stable. The abrasion status of the working face of rotors and stators and whether the smashing rotors shake because of the attrite axletree in the main axletree support must be checked too. In addition, check the driving belt (screw feed) to make sure that it is fast appropriately.

3.2 Ductwork: Pay attention to the bolts in the joint of the conduit to make sure that they are not loose and the gas won’t leak. Check the conduit to see whether it has been corrupted or perforated. Make sure that there is not dust deposit in the conduit.

3.3 Electric applianceBlow away the dust deposit on each electric appliance and electric machine inside the electric control cabinet with the compressed air.

3.4 Deduster:

a. CabinetCheck the airproof situation, especially the joint place and the examining gate. It is easy to form dew and stain with dust inside the cabinet. Clean it up. It is easy to discharge un-smoothly at the conical bucket. So clean it up promptly.

b. Check the pulse electromagnetic valve and the pulse control instrument seriously to see whether they are agile and firm.

c. Check the parts of the fixed filter-bag to see whether they are loose. Check the filter bag to see whether it is dilapidated and the degree of its tightness is just right. If the filter bag is supported by framework, it can’t be too loose.

d. Prevent forming dew or glaciating inside the filter bag because of the low temperature of the sprayed airflow in the north. If not, the dust-cleaning effect will be affected.

e. The residual water in the air-bag of the deduster must be discharged after the pulse deduster working for 8 hours.

3.5 Closing wind motor:Check its leakproofness and flexibility. Clean the impellers and the inside of the machine body regularly to make sure its normal working. Repair it when heavy worn. 

3.6 Please consult correlative instructions about the use and maintenance of the fan, speed reducer and parts of electric appliance (such as electric machine, speed regulator and so on)

3.7 Adding lubricating grease promptly to the primary place to avoid blocking the oil duct after stopping the machine for a long time when crushing the material which is of causticity or waterabsorbing. Check the equipment completely before start it again. Make sure that there is not seizure. Don’t start until the trouble is eliminated.

3.8 Check the running situation of the auxiliary machinery too when examine the hoop-roller mill. Make sure that the auxiliary machinery can run synchronously.

4. Equipment repair

4.1 Change of smashing pair: If we want to replace the grinding hoops in the rotors of hoop-roller mill, we must change them completely. Then the working situation of the grinding hoops in the same floor will be the same. That can make to product stable.

4.2 Grading wheel: The fittings of the grading wheel must pass the examination of dynamic balancing. Adjust the length of the sleeve (add of reduce mats) when installed. Make sure that the clearance between the upper side of grading wheel and the lid is the least(≤0.5mm,upper limit for big-type machines).

4.3 Axletree

① It had better to use the same model of imported axletrees when changing the axletrees. Make sure the axletree bearings, the axletrees and the other parts have been cleaned up when installed.

② The axletrees must be lubricated with lithium lubricating grease which synthesizes at high temperature.

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