The Debugging Of The Ring Roller Mill And The Adjustment Of Keeping The Production Regular


1. Debugging purpose

In the precondition of ensuring the product quality (fineness accords the standard), adjust the correlative parameters to reach the maximal output.

2. The Debugging Of the new machine or the equipment after heavy repaire

2.1 Ensure that the current value of the crusher is 70-90% of the rated current. It relates to the material brittleness. Take the upper limit if frangible material.

2.2 Wind-volume control valve:If the proportion of the material is higher than 2 (for example, the proportion of limestone is about 2.5 ), adjust the control valve to about 70%. If the proportion of the material is 1.5-2, adjust the control valve to about 50%. If the proportion is lower than 1.5, adjust the control valve to about 40-50%. If the proportion is lower than 1 (such as wood chips), adjust the control valve to about 30%.

2.3 Adjust the rotating speed of the grading wheel to 2/3 of the highest speed permitted.

2.4 Crush according to the parameters set above, observe the product fineness to find whether it is up to the mustard. Then do the fine tuning according to the principle below. Ensue that the current of the electric machine reaches the control value of the rated current. In such precondition, adjust the wind-volume control valve and the rotating speed of the grading wheel. Open the control valve wide, the product will be rougher and the output increases. If the rotating speed of the grading wheel increases, the product will become finer and the output reduces.

2.5 Adjust for the last time according to the demand of 7.2.4. If the product and the electric current of the crusher are all up to the mustard, it means every parameter is fit. If the current value of the crusher reduces more, it means that the second wheel must be adjusted till it is up to the mustard.

3. The debugging of feeding quantity

Now there are two feeding form, that are screw feeding and electromagnetic vibrating feeding.

3.1 Screw feeding:Change the rotating speed of the electric machine by controlling the frequency of transducer to control the feeding quantity. Please read the transducer instruction to learn how to use transducer.

3.2 Electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses the vibration which makes the trough do the periodic reciprocating movement along an oblique direction to feed for the machine. Before debugging the electric vibrator and its connection according to the instruction, loosen the bolts locked in the process of examination.

By controlling the output current of JD1A-40 electric vibrating controller, we control the swing of the electric vibrating controller to change the feeding quantity. The electric vibrating controller has two working type, that are manual type and automatic type. The manual type means after setting a certain current value, the output current will be settled. If you want to the feeding quantity, you must set the current value over again. And the automatic type directly control the run and stop of the electric vibrating controller with the feedback signal of current changing in the running course of the main engine and the fan. Then it will reach the equilibrium of feeding quantity and discharge quantity.

4. The adjustment of the air compressor:Close the switch, the air compressor will work. Open pressure switch cover which is on the top, observe the pressure gauge. When the air pressure reaches the value which is showed after stopping the machine, adjust the air pressure to 0.6-0.7Mpa with the two adjusting screw on top of the pressure switch. The pressure adjusting course may be repeated for several times. If the pressure is too high, the electromagnetic valve and the cloth bag may be destroyed easily.

5. Debugging of pulse control instrument

The pulse control instrument controls the opening time of the electromagnetic pulse valve (pulse width) according to the set time (pulse interval). It blows back a certain compressed air to clean the dust in the cloth bag. The gas permeability of the cloth bag is directly related to the thickness of the dust accumulated on the working face. The thicker the dustthe worse the gas permeability is. If the wind quantity reduces, the output reduces.

The output pulse interval and the output pulse width have been adjusted before the new equipment leaving factory. If the air humidity is high, the glutinosity of the material will be huge. When producing ultrafine powder, the cloth bag may be stained with dust easily. If the fan current reduces and the output decreases, you can turn down the pulse interval or turn on the pulse width a little to resume the current to normal value or make it stable not reduce again. Except for adjusting the pulse control instrument, the antistatic cloth-bag must be used for the powder which can cause electrostatic adsorption.

6The electric control cabinet controlled by PLC has two control model, the automatic model and the manual model. The automatic model will operate in turn automatically without manual manipulation.

7The factors that may affect the normal working of the crusher (for example, the product fineness and the output) is so many, such as climatic variation, the change of material producing area, different material, granularity and homogeneity of the feed and so on. So we must observe the equipment seriously in its running course, if we find anything abnormal, adjust and note promptly. Don’t get it done once and for ever. Even controlled by the PLC,it cannot intelligentize completely at present. 

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