Start and stop of ring roller mill


1. Examination before start

1.1 Before starting the newly installed machine or the equipment after heavy repaired,examine the turning direction of the electric machine which must accord with the standard. Open the lid of the main engineer to examine. After connecting the wires of the grading electric-machine again, examine the turning direction of the electric machine to see whether it accords to the standard.

1.2 Whether the lubricating parts have been added the lubrication according to the rules.

1.3 Whether the voltage of the power supply accords to the standard.  

1.4 Whether the supporting facilities (such as crusher, elevator and band conveyer) work normally.  

1.5 Examine the stock situation which includes feeding granularity, water and whether the producing area of the material changes or not.

1.6 The workplace must be expedited and the finished product is enough for use. 

2. Machine start

The process of machine start is as follow

close the main switch of the power supple——start the air compressor——open the air delivery valvelet the compressed air go into the gas-bag of deduster——make the cloth bag in the status of dust-cleaning——start the vortex separation and the closing fan motor of dedusterstart the discharge stirrer at the same time)(remarkafter finishing the operation above, make the deduster working for 5 minute, then continue the following operation——start grading machine——adjust the rotating speed to the speed we need——close the wind-volume control valve——start the fan till it works normally——adjust the wind-volume control valve to the value we need——start smashing rotor and make it in the normal rotating speed——start feeding machine or electromagnetic vibrating feeder——open the strobe to feed and crush after everything running normally.

3 Machine stop

3.1 Operate following the opposite order of the machine start process.

3.2 After stopping feeding, observe the status from the window of the discharge body before closing the smashed rotor. If no powder discharged and the current of main engine go back to no-load current, that means the material in the machine is crushed completely. Then we can stop the machine.

3.3 Draw down the main switch of power supply, tidy up the workplace.

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