Ring roller mill unit type and technical parameter


Table 1 The technical parameters of the hoop-roller mills of different types


1. The main installation power includes the power of smashing rotor, grading, feed, fan and discharge system. It doesn’t include the power of the smash, bucket elevator, band conveyer, air compressor or illumination.

2.According to the characteristic of the different material, the installation parameters change slightly. Concretely, it follows the contract stipulation.

3.Customers adjust and control the product fineness according to the equipment capability and their own demand. Usually if the product is fine, the output is low and the electrical consumption is high.

4.HLM-930 is called HLM-880 type too. If you order HLM-880 type, the configuration parameter can be the same as the HLM-930

5.The overall size of the whole plant doesn’t include the place of treading passage, operation space and accessorial machine such as bucket elevator and so on.

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