Ring Roller Mill General Situation


HLM series inner-classifying ultra-fine centrifugal ring roller mill(hoop-roller mill for short following)is the patented product that developed on our company’s own.(Patent number:ZL02270593·7).It has passed the appraisal of provincial level and been identified by domestic famous experts and scholars. The technical performance of the whole machine has reached the one-up level in our country. The core part originated with our company in our country. It is an advanced equipment for dry-fine grinding of non-metallic mineral superfine powder in our country at present. The material crushing and powder grading are put inside the same machine body, but run separately and independently. Its configuration is compact. The granularity of its processing product is fine and the fineness is adjustable. Its maintenance is convenient and the energy consumption of unit product is low. The investment expense is also low. All of those as mentioned above are the characteristics of this equipment. The process from the material crushing and grading to making them into finished products happens in an airtight system. After the dust removal of the dust-laden gas, the treated gas will not pollute the environment. It is the ideal complete plant which is environment-protected at present.

    This machine is applicable to the superfine crushing of brittle material of which the Mohs hardness is below the 5th level, such as coarse whiting, barite, wollastonite, kaolin, RE ore, hematite, talcum, feldspar and slag and so on. Comparing with traditional Ramon grinding apparatus, its advantage is that its product is fine and the energy consumption is low. It is an ideal equipment for dry-production of coarse whiting superfine powder.  

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