Direction for use-Boot, shutdown operation and parameter setting


1.1 Boot Sequence

1.2 On the setting of Inverter Parameters

  1.  For is run key, Stop as stop key, can be operated by potentiometer speed.

  2.  Frequency converter operation is double screen display, through the lower left corner (SET) (ESC) key to set up the screen for the running speed (RPM), the lower screen is the operating current (a). of course, can set other parameters with dual display.

  3.  Parameter modification methods as follows: press (PRG) key screen to jump out of the F003 and use the up and down keys to select the code items that need to be modified , then press the (PRG) key parameter value display flicker, use the upper and down keys to modify, at last press (set) to complete.

  4.  Parameters to be modified when used: F019 acceleration time, F020 deceleration time, need to be adjusted to 30-60 seconds.

  5.  More detailed parameter settings, you can see the micro inverter manual.

1.3 About parameter setting of intelligent table

    The host, fan, classifier intelligent ammeter can be used to automatically control feed. The host intelligent meter sets the upper limit current, when the host current exceeds the upper limit current stop feeding. Fan intelligent table set the lower limit current, when the fan current is lower than the lower limit current stop feeding. The classifier intelligent meter sets the upper limit current, when the classifier current exceeds the upper limit current stop feeding.

Intelligent meter adjustment methods are as follows:

Intelligent meter model is GY804, it has the function of multi-point alarm, can be in the Intelligent meter to achieve a single motor upper limit, lower limit alarm function.

for example:

Users need to measure AC current 0-220A, requiring alarm when the measured current higher than the upper limit 180A, alarm when the measured current is lower than the lower limit 120A, And the 0-200A current into 4-20mA transmit output, the system power supply is AC220V .

parameter setting:

a. enter the password 0036, set the range parameters as follows:

Zero value PvL=000.0

Full value PvH=200.0

Scaling position dot=1 (indication range: 0.0-200.0)

Digital filter coefficient Filt, Can be set according to field interference

b. Input password 0001, Set alarm parameters as follow:

upper limit alarm pull-on value AH1=180.0A

upper limit alarm release value AL1=179.7A

lower limit alarm pull-on value AH2=120.0A

lower limit alarm release value AL2=120.3A

c. Input password 0042, Set the transmit output parameters as follow:

transmit output type selection obty=4-20mA

Transmission output lower limit obL=000.0

Transmission output upper limit obH=200.0

1.4 Shutdown sequence

1.5 Matters needing attention:

    1. During the operation of the equipment, the host and the fan current should not exceed the rated current, the current of the classifier should also be controlled below a certain value (the current of 22KW classifier should be less than 35A, and the current of 30kW classifier should be less than 50A.

Possible causes for high current of classifier:

a. Too much powdery material

b. Host control current is too high

c. Grinding accessories worn

Debugging principles: under the premise of ensuring the current of the classifier to meet the above requirements, the feed is controlled by the host and the fan, and the reasonable parameters of the intelligent meter can make the output of the equipment reach the maximum.

    2. Airiock and the discharge of the dragon in the production process is recommended to keep open, to prevent the accumulation of powder for a long time due to the phenomenon of death.

   3. For more details please refer to the instruction manual.

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